Bull was created in Montreal, Canada in 2019 by founder and Chief Creative Ashley McMillan, who has spent almost 20 years designing behind the scenes for some major clothing brands.

Half Colombian, Ashley was exposed to fashion at a young age. Always reading her mothers spanish magazines and admiring the clothing, her decision was made, her future was in fashion.

Her career took her around the world to shop and identify up and coming trends before they hit the mainstream market. Always picking up a couple of new things for herself, she realized upon her return that her shopping finds were having a lot of people ask “Where did you get that?”, and the reply would usually be some far away place with no online boutique.

Through that, Bull was born.

The purpose behind the brand is to give you the confidence and pride you feel when someone gives you a compliment. Each item is selected to emphasize your personal style, and to get you noticed.

Bull strives to bring to others pieces that are unique, but also affordable. “I’ve always felt that style has nothing to do with your budget”. Our mission is to give you quality at an affordable price point.

A one stop for all of your accessory needs.