Mirrored lenses


Color and Pattern S/S 21


Elevate your state by inner and outer reflection


Why are they key? They are the epitome of “look at me” aesthetic. Whether you choose coloured reflective lenses or basic mirrored, these shades will quickly upgrade your cool factor.


How to wear them: Easily pairs back to athletic gear, but for a more hybrid look, mix them with some fluffy or knitted textures to make the shades really stand out. They give any outfit an instant boost of street cred. Reflect on it.





Trend S/S 21


Dose of Dopamine


Why are they key? The 90’s have become the favorite decade of inspiration for 2021. It’s hard to miss the Jordan revival, Y2K looks, the flood of light wash denim and the oversized proportions of everything. Candy raver inspired accessories with happy faces and plastic or enamel jewelry are key.


How to wear them: Step outside of your comfort zone. If this is your first go around of the 90’s this is easy. Just channel Drew Barrymore or any rave culture references. Sneakers, wide leg cargos, crop tops and a button up shirt worn open.

If this is your second time through 90’s fashion, grab a pair of rectangular or circular sunnies, and a bright sweatshirt for an easy way to look current, but not look like you’re trying to hard;)


The Princess Diaries

The Princess Diaries


The look S/S 21

Why it’s key?
While Princess Diana was known as a style icon from the start, the highlight of her looks are from the early to mid 90’s. She mixed casual sport aesthetic with high end designer items like none before, and made dressing like a princess super simple, and easy to replicate.


How to wear:
This one is easy, throw on your leggings or sweatpants, sneakers, white sport socks and vintage shape sunglasses. Top with a printed collegiate or sport themed sweatshirt (*add a second one draped over your shoulders for some bonus points) and you’re ready to go!